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As a Consultant / Trainer in the ICT sector, I face the challenge of displacing positive energy and motivational attributes on a constant basis to individuals who have recently lost their jobs.  To many of those individuals their job was their “livelihood” and the “bread” for the family. Many individuals attach their sense of being to their employment.  It is imperative that I find the balance and energy within myself for the good of my clients. This can be very draining on many people, I found that the seminar I attended given by Ignite Potentials gave me the confidence and “power within” to harness the ability to re-energize myself, no matter what is happening in my personal life to be strong, not only for myself, but for my clients.

The manner and energy shared by the professionals from Ignite Potentials is irreplaceable if anyone is searching for ways of tapping inner strength to face today’s challenges; professionally, personally or financially!

The depth of credibility and knowledge shown throughout their presentation is very well researched, thought out and delivered in an orderly fashion. Not only do they show the class how to help themselves, but I truly believe by their mannerisms, analogies and stories that they truly “practice what they preach”.   If anyone has the opportunities to meet these professionals from Ignite Professionals, I highly recommend it.  You can’t help but come away with something that will work in your life on all fronts.

Karen Yates

“Inside each one of us is the remains of a teenager still searching for the perfect way to live our life. Cara Rose-Brown’s “Messnger” offers an insight into the perceptions of our youth, and ultimately ourselves, and directs us through humor and perspective towards a glimpse of our future possibilities.” – Satish Kumar, Editor of Resurgence Magazine and Author of Spirual Compass, The Buddha and the Terrorist, No Destination and You Are Therefore I Am
“Cara has crafted a beautiful way to bring a few real truths into the lives of our young people, as creative, fun, pithy and accessible as can be. Thank you for caring so much for our next generation.” – Jon Symes, Outreach Director Pachamama Alliance and Author of Your Planet Needs You
“I made one of the best decisions of my life when I signed up for the Body Thoughts workshop held late last January. I had recognized that I wanted (and needed) to make some changes to improve my health and weight but had not been able to put those changes into practice. During and following the workshop, the mindset that I had needed to commit to my desires all came together. Body Thoughts helped me not only to recognize those things that may have held me back, but to clearly understand what it was I wanted to achieve and to “know” what it was going to be like when I did. The ” how” actually came much more easily and naturally than I would have ever believed before I participated in the workshop. All the things I knew I needed to do , I did, with a sense of purpose and faith that I was going to get there. My lifestyle changed without the grief I previously believed would be required. Eating well and sensibly, increasing my activity level and committing to regular exercise became a habit, instead of the “sacrifice” I once thought would be required. After six months, the results I realized were exceeding some of my own goals and expectations and although I had already foreseen the reward of new clothes and increased energy, I certainly underestimated the impact and reaction from friends and family. Aside from the “you look great” comments (which still surprise me) I am very pleased to know that I seem to have inspired some to consider and commit to their own improved lifestyle changes. I have and will continue to highly recommend the Body Thoughts workshop to anyone who wants to achieve the right mindset to make their desires for a healthier lifestyle a reality.” SS Ottawa

This workshop was fantastic! I got more than what I expected, not only did we uncover some deep seeded thoughts about my weight that were holding me back from weight loss, but I also got valuable advice and tips for many other aspects of my life. The instructor was excellent, the course was well put together and exceeded my expectations. To be honest, I expected a hoaky course from people who had jumped on the “law of attraction” band wagon that would offer little more than advice on how to use the law of attraction for weight loss (information that is now rampant across the web). But what I got was a well-designed program complete with exercises and homework, tools to use that would benefit me long after the workshop was complete and a new outlook on myself and weightloss that will benefit me not only in the area of weightloss, but in the areas of career and family as well; a whole new lease on life! This program is not about a diet, we all know how to diet. This program is about recognizing and overcoming the thoughts that hold us back from successfully losing weight and keeping it off. Finally, a diet that is not a diet! One week in, and 3.5lbs lighter already! -Christine
“I recently attended Ignite Potentials workshop titled “Law of Attraction.” For many years I had believed that as human beings we attract people, things, and situations into our lives, and that every single person that crosses our path does so for a particular reason. This was confirmed through the words that Cara spoke. My reason for attending the workshop had more to do with learning how I can truly live my very best life. For someone who does not usually take a lot of notes I found myself writing every singe word down and linking concepts to my own personal life. The workshop provided me with a “tool” that will no doubt enhance both my personal and professional life for many years to come.” – Jeffrey D. Burry
  “Hello ladies.. I hope all is well… I just wanted to leave you an email and thank you for the advice and guidance you provided during the session you led at ITO back in March. I have been keeping up with my daily affirmation and positive spin on everything and good things are happening. Last I saw Cara and Leslie you guys were at the ITO job fair. I left from you and went straight over to the SMART Technologies booth. They had the one position I was hoping to have a chance at. I guess it
was that last minute karma adjustment because Lo and Behold, I just signed the offer letter from them for the job I was hoping to get. I start June 1. 

Since attending your session, I feel that the level of stress I had been carrying during this transition time was kept to a minimum which allowed me to stay focused on what it was I was really after. Now that the major stress factor in my life has been removed, the days are all of a sudden brighter and the grass is so much greener. Thanks to you…. I plan to keep up my affirmations and positive spin as there is so much more out there in the world to enjoy. Why not enjoy it at its maximum potential.
Cheers and many thanks again…. Dan , Ottawa Canada “

Journey To Success has had a profound impact in my life.  As a personal
success coach I realize the importance of setting the bar for yourself
in all of the key areas of your life in order to gain clarity.  This
clear vision allows you to agressively move, with focus, in the
direction you want.  The tools that Mary uses in Journey To
Success allowed me to systematically build my picture and the post
workshop plan has made that picture a reality!!  This training is a
must for anyone wanting to improve their results!
Steve –  Ottawa, Ontario
 Through weekly coaching sessions with Mary, she has helped me take a
look at different aspects of my life that feed into areas of development
opportunities, pinpoint what those are, understand why they exist, and
help me determine how to strengthen those areas.

Following three months of sessions with Mary, I spent time in Ottawa
with her, her team, and her colleagues who she teaches with. This has
been a remarkable time of growth for me. 

As a new mother, leading to this point in time, enjoying and continuing
to develop my career has been a huge hurdle to overcome.  Where I have
struggled to find that work life balance, to not feel guilty for working
and not being with my child at all times, has been a major step in
allowing further growth in my career.  Now, the time I spend with my
family and in my career are pleasurable times, not wasted with feelings
that do not need to exist.  I enjoy working, have always, will always,
and am proud of that.  My child will grow up to learn good work ethic,
and be proud of his mom, and her level of success. 

As a Manager , with the focus of growing and accelerating my career,
Mary has helped me pinpoint my areas of improvement, understand why
these areas of weakness exist, how to accept them, understand them, and
place them to the side to allow for growth in these areas. 

I am planning on hosting a session in Boston with Mary and her team this
winter with friends, family, etc.  We are looking forward to her working
with us to understand the formulas and tools that work and can be
applied to each aspect of our careers and personal lives.

As I work with Mary, laugh with Mary, and learn from Mary, I only hope
there is some area in her life that I have made a difference.  I trust
that the in the present and future, she will look at the improvements
made in my career and family life, and feel a sense of accomplishment.
She should congratulate herself, and continue to change others lives,
the way she has changed mine.

Lisa, Boston USA

Igniting Passion

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Igniting Passion
Love is truly the glue that binds all things.

We live in busy times, trying to incorporate full time work, kids, family and a life into a 24 hour day.

Fall back in love with yourself, your partner and your life.

Join Ignite on this one day workshop that will have you remembering and loving the passion and the beauty of the relationships in your life.


Igniting Passion Workshop $279 Add to Cart
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Igniting Wealth

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Igniting Wealth  
Instructor: Cara Rose-Brown

Want to be an Entrepreneur?

You know there is more to life than working for someone else. You know you have what it takes.
Would you rather put 100% of your time, ideas and energy into making money for you as opposed to making it for others. Everyone has the capacity to be wealthy.

The Igniting Wealth Workshop can take you to a whole new realm of possibilities.

Find out what it takes be Wealthy and move forward with your entrepreneurial spirit:
Don’t miss this opportunity to develop money making ideas that will change your life.

  • Create ideas that can make you wealthier
  • Systemize your business so it works without you
  • Why Marketing and Sales are your best friends
  • 3 Ways to be a Successful Entrepreneur
  • and much, much more

  • Location: Ottawa ON, Canada. Time: 8:30am to 5:00pm. Exact location determined by class size. 

    Igniting Wealth Workshop

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    Mastering Meditation

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    Learn to Meditate

    Mastering Meditation $45

    Have you ever wanted to learn to Meditate? There are so many benefits associated with a daily meditation practice. You will be amazed at how your world quiets down, you feel grounded, relaxed, focused and have more gratitude for the life you are living.

    You will connect yourself with your source for inspiration and will notice how the people, places and things you need to improve the quality of your life, begin to fall into your lap. Your life will become about “least effort” not about “hard work”. Join me for this very special evening of self connection.

    Matering Meditation Workshop   $45 

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