Happy New Year

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Today is the last day of 2009 and my anticipation is mounting as 2010 approaches. 2009 was a tough year for many people and in particular in the field of personal development. Our challenge is to guide people to see a new paradigm where the challenge is what makes us grow. We spend our time finding ways to slog through the days and the get to our work, do our groceries, make the dinners and pay the bills. These activities occupy our thoughts so much that it’s sometimes hard to think of anything else.
Some of us have the audacity to dream about a bigger life or a better world that our children can create their own miracles in.
At Ignite Potentials Training, what we know and what we teach is that there are opportunities everywhere; always. There is nothing ever missing. There is nothing that we have ever invented that didn’t already exist in nature in a far superior form. I believe we can create harmonious connections though people and through business where everyone benefits. It is possible, it’s just not the way we’ve done things before. 2010 will bring about great opportunity to co-create.
My wish for 2010 is to reconnect with the natural planet that surrounds us to build a stronger social connection and to learn how to do business in a new way. I wish each of you a Happy New Year and a Wonderful Holiday Season.
Aspera ad astra
Through challenge we reach for the stars.
Leslie Eisener
Ignite Potentials Training Inc.

The 90 Day Challenge – Day 2

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88 Days to go – Today was day 2 of my 90 day challenge and I contemplated doing my workout for some time before I got out of bed.  I think that the key driver was the commitment that I made online that I was going to do it.  So be sure when you are making your new years resolution you figure out a way to hold yourself accountable for achieving your results, public humiliation can be a good motivator lol!!

So the lesson for today is our thoughts determine our results because it is our thoughts that determine our feelings, our feelings determine what actions we will take or not take and it is our actions that determine our results.

This morning I lay in bed thinking about, almost regreting:-)  the commitment that I made publicly to workout for the next 90 days.  This thought inspired emotion in me, a sense of responsibility or perhaps an overwhelming sense of guilt,I needed to workout, which moved me into action to do the workout .

So I did it, today was Cardio X and I survived although I am having some trouble doing the stairs now and lets just say that when I bend over I am reminded of some muscles that I have been neglecting!  Overall I feel pretty good though and am glad that I have started exercising again.  I would describe myself as reluctantly optimistic about my lean and healthy body! 

Too bad the cardio X routine includes the Superman Banana move!  lol  

Thanks for reading and for your support.  Here’s to achieving our 2010 goals together!  MaryC

The 90 Day Challenge

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With the New Year just around the corner, I expect many of you are thinking about what changes you want to make in 2010.  New Years comes and it is almost like we get a clean slate and a fresh start.  Our intentions are set and we commit to making changes to transform our lives, but somehow many of us fail.  We fail because we don’t understand what is happening in our brain through the process of changing our subconscious which is where all of our habits are stored.  When we undestand what is happening we are able to recognize the self-sabatoge that is a normal part of the process for resisting change and protecting ourselves.  Our subconscious brain believes that any change is a potential danger and so it will do anything it can to keep us safe and unchanged. 

I have decided to take a 90 Day Challenge and I want to share with you what is happening in my brain as I work through the process of establishing a new habit of exercising on a daily basis.  We know that it takes approximately 28 days to begin to make any kind of change to our subconscious brain and during that 28 days it requires almost 100% of willpower but  if we are consistent and successful in 90 days we are able to permanently change our subconconscious so that no willpower is required.  We peform the new habit without conscious thought, it becomes effortless like the beating of our heart. 

So my plan is to work out using Tony Horton’s P90X program and I will journal my thoughts each day as I am establishing my new habit.  I hope for those of you that have set some some goals for the new year I will be able to help you achieve them and that we will be able to share our experience and our journeys together.  Whether they be related to building habits to create wealth, health, loving relationships, advancement in your career or weight loss.

Before you begin write a goal statement, make sure that it is specific, measureable, action oriented, results based and time sensitive.  This is really important, studies have shown that when goals are written down there is a much higher rate of achievement.  Share it  with others, I am sharing mine with you to help me commit to achieving it.

My goal is to achieve a lean and fit body by March 28th.  I will do this by following the  P90x workout routine on a daily basis for the next 90 days.

89 Days to go – Today was day 1 and I reluctantly got out of bed had a coffee  and grabbed 2 bottles of water and headed to my workout room. Surprising I felt pretty good and was able to keep up with the routine .  I am in a little better shape than I thought, it has been over 6 months since my surgery and I have done little to no exercise.  I feel proud of myself although I think I might have nightmares though about the superman banana move.  It is particularly difficult after  having had abdominal surgery:-(!!   

Thanks for reading and for your support.  Here’s to achieving our 2010 goals together!  MaryC