Success Prinicples

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Success Principles

Did you know that there are behaviours that lead to success and behaviours that lead to failure. Ignite Potentials Training teaches 6 key success prinicples that will change the way you do approach life.

Ignite Potentials Training will teach you what kinds of behaviours will support you and those that don’t.

Don’t leave your success to chance. Learn how to build more wealth, better relationshipa, and more career and business success.

Join Ignite Potentials on this workshop of self discovery – examine how you are creating your life through your mental programming.  We teach you how to change your thoughts and perceptions in order to create the life you have always wanted.If you are willing to do the work, if you have a burning desire for it, monumental changes can occur.

Attend this one day workshop and walk away with ownership of your life and control of your world . Everyday we dream of discovering some great and sacred secret that will allow us to live a richer, healthier and more successful life. This workshop offers you the secret you seek. You will rediscover your true self and learn how to make the most of who you were born to be.

Location: Ottawa ON, Canada. Time: 8:30am to 5:00pm. Exact location determined by class size. 

Success Principles Workshop  $279

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Connect The Dots Ottawa Keynote

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90 Day Challenge – Day 43+

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Many of you have been asking me “What happened to your blog?  Did you make the 90 days?”  So I wanted to post this message.  I have been exercising on an off since day 43,  mostly walking but sometimes running too.  There is lots of stuff happening in my life right now and I haven’t been able to mentally commit to Tony’s program.  It’ s funny when you need it the most you don’t do it.   Sometimes “Life gets in the way” of us achieving our goals and that is what happened to me, so it is time to reshape “My Life”. 

 I was in Paris last week and started working on my life plan so that I could begin to do the mental work to rebuild my life and myself to get through the challenges that I am faced with right now.

It is amazing how even though nothing has changed, re-designing the vision for my future has changed my state of mind. 

Watch out Tony I will be coming for you again soon!!!!

Have a wonderful day