Leslie Eisener

Leslie Eisener

With over 20 years experience in the Information Technology and Computing Industry, Leslie Eisener has been successfully honing her business acumen with some of the largest global technology companies today. With an MBA under her belt and a gift for public speaking Leslie took the challenge to teach the life strategies that she had been learning and practicing for many years. Once over 80 pounds overweight and stuck in stagnant holding pattern, she had a strong sense that there was more to life and underwent a major life transformation.

Through an insatiable thirst for answers about how to achieve bigger and better results she stepped into a leaner healthier body and soared to bigger and better results financially, socially and spiritually. Her journey has given her a formula for success that works in all aspects of life and her greatest desire is to teach others how to achieve their best results and reach their highest potential.

Leslie is now putting her personal and entrepreneurial experience to use as a founding partner of Ignite Potentials Training Inc. to bring hope and solutions to people searching for a system that will help them reach their highest potential. Her greatest joy is to witness profound transformations in others as they realize their greatest dreams.

My Personal Goal Statement

My goal is to unveil and unleash my unique and profound gifts in order to honour the greatness that is within me and only me. With a dogged determination I do whatever it takes with integrity to push the envelope to grow and learn so that I can inspire and teach others how to see their own gifts. I strive to continually evolve my consciousness and challenge my existing beliefs.