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GoddessNet – Women of the World Ignite

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Goddessnet is an online forum for women to come together and share ideas, ask questions and connect with other like minded women from all over the world. Ask your question on Goddessnet and see what the women of the world have to say.



Keys To The Universe

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Affiliate Program Keys To The Universe

Keys To The Universe  was created to help people realize their true infinite potential and connect that potential to their performance so that they can create the results that they truly desire.  It is our purpose to share this information with millions of people around the world.

Keys To The Universe is dedicated to bringing you the best Personal Growth information and training in the world today.  Inspired by Certified LifeSuccess Consultants, trained under Bob Proctor From “The Secret”, offering Coaching, Seminars and Web Based Training options that show you how to reach levels of success and happiness you dreamed about, but never thought possible.

To find out how you can learn more from Keys to the Universe click HERE.

Supreme Social Media

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Supreme Social Media creates self-study programs, in-house social networking training and strategic planning for individuals, entrepreneurs and corporations. From the nuts and bolts of how to customize your fan page to cutting edge strategies to build brand awareness and create your own user community and reputation strategies. We deliver what it takes to get you beyond the small talk to become the conversation.

Marketing has changed, gone are the gatekeepers. Still think you are in control of your message? To a certain point you are, but so are your customers and your potential fans. Your message of providing a phenomenal product or indispensable service is your task to communicate but wouldn’t you rather have your evangelists spread your message, vision and mission?

The world is changing; people trust their friend’s opinions about brands far beyond what they’ll believe in an advertisement. It’s a two way conversation where everyone has a voice and wants to be heard. As long as they’re sharing, let’s give them something to talk about.

At Supreme Social Media, we’ll demystify Social Media and make it fun to discover and integrate the fundamentals into your marketing plan. We’ll show you how to get up and running, engage in the conversation and become a valuable source.

Our self-study programs will teach you:

  • the fundamentals of the top social media platforms
  • how to set up your profiles
  • how to listen to your market’s need
  • how to communicate in a friendly and reciprocal manner
  • how to reach out, engage, share your knowledge to become a valued source
  • how to attract and recognize your fans and turn them into brand evangelists

Essentially you will discover how to quickly tap into the buzz about Social Media and make it work for you!

Want to know more, Check it out HERE

iLearning Global

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iLearning Global TV      

Come and check out iLearning. Ignite has joined the iLearning Global orgnization and you can to. If you are interested in growing, learning, increasing your potential for success and learning more money while you do it, join our team. 


How To Join

iLearningGlobal is a community for individuals, professionals and entrepreneurs that is changing the way people continually learn. The community and content is not influenced by advertising or sponsorship like many content web sites today. As a member of iLearningGlobal you see only the best and most relevant learning content available.

iLearningGlobal is promoted purely through direct referrals, word of mouth advertising, and networking. Members have the opportunity to participate in an exciting income opportunity as they invite their friends, family, and colleagues to join this exciting community of like minded individuals seeking success through continued learning. Individuals may also elect to sign up as a “Customer” and enjoy all of the full benefits and access to the web site and community without participating in the income opportunity.

Content & Technology

As an iLearningGlobal member you have direct 24/7 access to the most valuable training and learning content available today. iLearningGlobal provides training videos, audio programs, and ebooks from the top speakers, trainers, and authors worldwide. Fresh new content is added to the site weekly so the information is always fresh and you never run out of resources for continuous learning.

iLearningGlobal offers you the most advanced user viewing experience today within the iLG Signature Video Theater where you can experience full screen, High Definition video free of loading and buffering. This is web learning 2,0!

Signature & Classic Videos

iLearningGlobal currently produces anywhere from 30 to 60 brand new video segments every month in their cutting edge HD Studios. These Signature videos can not be seen anywhere outside of the iLearningGlobal Signature Video Theater and feature the world’s top speakers and trainers in a way you have never seen before!

The iLearningGlobal Classic Video, Audio, and e-book libraries feature hundreds of extremely valuable titles from the many iLearningGlobal faculty members. You can leverage these massive growing libraries to change your life.

Special Features

In addition the priceless and ever growing media libraries, iLearningGlobal provides special features and sections that connect you directly with the iLearningGlobal Faculty members and their valuable learning content. The iLG Community Extras section provides faculty blogs, video blogs, behind the scenes footage, and much more. Connect with the iLG faculty on a regular basis and learn the secrets to their success in business and life. As an iLG member you also get special access to regular regional live meetings and “meet and greets” with iLG Star Faculty.


Q: How do I purchase a monthly membership to iLearningGlobal.tv? Do I have to join through an Independent Marketer as stated on the website, or is there another way?

A: iLearningGlobal is a community that is NOT influenced by advertising and sponsorships like search engines and most websites. Our advertising is solely based on “word of mouth” and “direct referral” by iLG Independent Marketers. You can sign up for iLearningGlobal by contacting the Marketer who referred you or returning to their licensed Independent Marketer website to enroll.

Q: How often does the website update it’s content libraries?

A: iLearningGlobal.tv adds newly produced video and audio content on a weekly basis. With direct access to hundreds of hours of classic content and monthly newly produced HD content in the iLearningGlobal Studios, ILG is committed to continually adding new, relevant content for its members.

Q: Is there a limit to how often I can view video and other content on iLearningGlobal.TV per month as a member?

A: The iLearningGlobal.TV membership provides unlimited access for one (1) individual or household. Our systems monitor account abuse by tracking simultaneous multi-user log-in attempts and obvious overuse at multiple locations in a given day.

Q: Do I have to join the iLearningGlobal income opportunity to be a member of iLearningGlobal.tv?

A: No. Individuals have the opportunity to join iLearningGlobal through their referring Independent Marketer as a Monthly Customer or an Independent Marketer. As a customer you still have full access to the site and it’s benefits but do NOT have the opportunity to participate in the income referral opportunity.