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Supreme Social Media creates self-study programs, in-house social networking training and strategic planning for individuals, entrepreneurs and corporations. From the nuts and bolts of how to customize your fan page to cutting edge strategies to build brand awareness and create your own user community and reputation strategies. We deliver what it takes to get you beyond the small talk to become the conversation.

Marketing has changed, gone are the gatekeepers. Still think you are in control of your message? To a certain point you are, but so are your customers and your potential fans. Your message of providing a phenomenal product or indispensable service is your task to communicate but wouldn’t you rather have your evangelists spread your message, vision and mission?

The world is changing; people trust their friend’s opinions about brands far beyond what they’ll believe in an advertisement. It’s a two way conversation where everyone has a voice and wants to be heard. As long as they’re sharing, let’s give them something to talk about.

At Supreme Social Media, we’ll demystify Social Media and make it fun to discover and integrate the fundamentals into your marketing plan. We’ll show you how to get up and running, engage in the conversation and become a valuable source.

Our self-study programs will teach you:

  • the fundamentals of the top social media platforms
  • how to set up your profiles
  • how to listen to your market’s need
  • how to communicate in a friendly and reciprocal manner
  • how to reach out, engage, share your knowledge to become a valued source
  • how to attract and recognize your fans and turn them into brand evangelists

Essentially you will discover how to quickly tap into the buzz about Social Media and make it work for you!

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