Igniting my potential

May 21, 2010 by  
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I’d like to first start by saying that I love meeting new people, networking and socializing.  It is a hard thing to do when you work from home, probably my only complaint about working from home.  However,  in this age of computers and online dating its easy to contact people, but are you indeed meeting the real person or what they want you to perceive them to be and is it truth or fiction?  I did the online dating thing and met some really nice men whom have remained my friends.  I’m not sure that’s the way to meet Mr. Right for me but I have heard of people being very successful at it.  Now I must admit when I was doing the online dating thing I don’t think I was doing it from the right frame of mind.  I had the illusion that I would find that perfect person who would want to be with me forever…I mean come on who would pass this up!!  Well the universe had other plans for me to show me that I was not in the right place for anything other than someone looking for a one night stand or the next person to stalk.  I think I was what I call “desperation dating”, what I mean by that is I was in a place where I hated to be alone with myself.  So I would have many many first dates but could not understand why there would be no second date. I mean honestly if I didn’t like to be with me then who else would?  I really didn’t think I was worthy of finding what I really desire in life…UNTIL…I took the Body Thoughts course with Ignite Potentials.  For me, it was a life altering experience that over the last few months has changed the way I see myself, where I want my life to go and the tools to achieve it all.  Now I’m not saying I have all the answers, quite the contrary but at least now I know what I want or rather what I don’t want out of my life and I have the tools to get everything want.   Really strange yet funny things still happen to me all the time but know I can deal with them, honour them and let them go. To quote a very wise woman who is now a big part of my life, “Handle the issues when they happen with integrity  – call them on the game – don’t play the game.”

I am brilliant, savvy and powerful and I inspire total confidence!