Coaching Special Spring 2011

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How Expensive is Life Coaching?

It’s not

Not with us anyway

At Ignite Potentials Training Inc. we realize that life can get hard sometimes. 

That sometimes you simply have a question you would like to ask
Why not ask someone that will give you an outsiders view, an objective opinion or simply another way to look at something – another way to bring light to a sensitive or difficult situation.

Or maybe you would like to know what is holding you back and how you can move forward with your life – how to find opportunities in the chaos.

We want to make it easier for you so we have restructured the way we offer our coaching.

Here are the 3 very easy options you can use if you would like your life questions answered or would simply like a little help with resolving issues in your life.

Option 1: A one hour one-on-one coaching session.

You send an email to with the current issues in your life so we don’t have to waste any of your one hour session on updating us on what is going on in your life and where you are either struggling or where you would like to improve your life.

We make an appointment to connect by phone or on skype for one hour.

Option 2: A half hour one-on-one coaching session.

The same as above only the coaching session is one half hour.

Option 3: Email your question to

You send an email with the current issues in your life and we respond by email with our thoughts and advice for moving forward.

Easy isn’t it!!! And like I said – it is not expensive.

Especially for what you will get.

One on one time with us – either by phone, skype or email. And we can help – we have helped many many people with their careers, marriages and life. Give us a try – you won’t be disappointed.

And we believe so strongly that we can help you that we guarantee our sessions

If you don’t believe that we have helped you – then we will give your money back – no questions asked. 

And ALL information you share with us is confidential and never shared with anyone.


The coaching fees are :

Option 1.  One hour one-on-one coaching                $100

Option 2.  One half hour one-on-one coaching         $ 50

Otption 3. One email question with email response  $ 25

All fees can be paid by online banking email transfer to

What do you have to lose?  And you have much to gain!!!  Guaranteed.

Ignite Evening Event – Thursday September 30 2010

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Stop Waiting. Get your Success on Track Now

Come and join Ignite Potentials Training to learn about The Success Principles

Summer is now transitioning to fall and it’s the time of year when people start getting serious about their goals. Our September session will be about how to reawaken your life through the understanding and application the Ignite Success Principles.
Did you know that just as there are certain consistent behaviors that predict success, there are also consitent behaviors that predict failure?  At Ignite, we specialize in Human Potential and we will teach you how to build behaviors that will lead to success.

Ignite your life and master the mental game of success to live richer, healthier and happier.  Come and see the three founders of Ignite Potentials Training present to you the Success Principles that we live and teach. This evening presentation will give you the inspiration to look at your life and your results and have the audacity to shoot for success.

Many people who have attended our training have said that they would love to bring a friend or family member to an event where they can get to know and understand what we teach and who we are. This is why we created this event to bring to you and your friends an evening full of information, inspiration and tools that you can begin using immediately to create your journey to success.

Ignite at CTD Ottawa    

Ignite Potentials Evening Information Session

Location: Best Western Barons Hotel & Conference Centre

3700 Richmond Road, Ottawa, Ontario K2H 5B8


Time 7pm to 9pm 

please arrive before 7pm to be seated


Connect The Dots Ottawa Keynote

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Messnger Blog

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“Messnger” is the focus of a feature article on local Ottawa Authors.

 Messnger by Cara Rose-Brown

Life is good for New York teenagers Beanface and Bailey.

The school year is wrapping up, the weather is great, and summer vacation is just around the corner. But in a flash everything takes a sudden and almost unbelievable turn, forcing the two friends to make major decisions that will affect their lives – and ultimately the lives of millions of others.

As children of technology, today’s young people are looking for something that speaks to them in their language. As children of a global community, they want to feel connected. And as children of a greater whole, they need a book that inspires, empowers and motivates them to live to their true potential.

Messnger is that book. Written entirely in on-line chat language, Messnger tells of two best friends who, through their instant messaging, help each other regain control of their lives. The on-line chat becomes a poignant story that chronicles their struggle to make sense of chaos, to understand the consequences of their actions, and to put their lives in meaningful perspective.

While the language is modern, the message is ageless. Messnger is truly a book for our time.

Alliance for a New Humanity – Invitation

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Come and Join US

to attend the first meeting of

The Ottawa Chapter of the

Alliance for a New Humanity


Thursday July 16th, 7pm to 9pm

Don & Mary Cavanagh’s in Ottawa Ontario


The Mission of the Alliance of a New Humanity is to connect people, who,

through personal and social transformation aim to build a just, peaceful and

sustainable world reflecting the unity of all humanity.

Join us for more information on Deepak Chopra’s Alliance and how we as part

of the Ottawa Chapter can work together to make a difference  in this world ~

one person at a time.

For more information on the Alliance visit

Ignite Potentials

Please RSVP to Ignite Potentials at

Brian Tracy Toronto

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Ignite Potentials Training travelled to Toronto recently as part of our mission to build a business model that incorporates todays most progressive teachings from the most respected authors and speakers in the world. We had an opportunity to meet with the great Brian Tracy and join him in his new business venture iLearning Global. Cara was able to exchange signed books with Brian which we proudly captured here. For more information on iLearning Global and to see how you can join us in this business venture visit our iLearning Page.

   Brian Tracy iLearning in Toronto

Jack Canfield Toronto

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We attended the Jack Canfield event in Toronto and were fortunate enough to shake hands with Jack. In fact Cara and Jack exchanged signed books and Ignite Potentials Training met some incredible people.  We had a lot of fun and learned some of Jack’s Success Principles which are invaluable.