Youth Workshop

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 Youth Workshop

All of us want what is best for our children. 

How can we not – we want them to have that perfect life – the one we didn’t quite get.

But is doesn’t always come together as we plan.

And our kids struggle with situations that we can’t help them with.

Not because we don’t want to but because we’re not sure how.

Is your 15 to 25 year old struggling with life, school, peers, relationships, self esteem or parents?

Cara Rose-Brown has written a book for youth, in youth’s language to help with the unique struggles the youth of today have.

From her book she has created a new youth workshop that will:

  • empower and create greater self confidence
  • show them a new perspective on life
  • introduce them to their “Greatness”
  • teach them why their “chaos” is as important as their opportunities
  • inspire and motivate them towards success
  • teach them to manifest the life they want
  • instill a greater sense of appreciation for their life and the people in it
  • send them home with tools they can use each day to create an incredible, empowered life

Each youth attending will receive a copy of Cara’s ebook – “Messnger”. 

If you are interested in this workshop for your child, and they are between the ages of 15 and 25, please contact or  for further information