Thriving in Times of Personal and Financial Crisis

Life doesn’t always happen the way we planned…..This workshop teaches employees caught off guard by job loss, financial or personal crisis how to make the choice to reengage. We explore new ways to identify, address and act on these challenges in your life.  In this interactive workshop we will look at the influence that our social, cultural and economic conditioning have had on our lives and ultimately on our ability to achieve success.  We will help you see your life in perspective and will teach you to find the opportunities hidden in the chaos.

More than ever before, having the right mindset and tools is key to financial and career success.  Focus on building the proper tools and thought processes to succeed while others focus on fear. Learn what you can do now and develop a personalized action plan that you can execute immediately.

Igniting Corporate Transformation

This customized workshop is brought into your workplace to help create a dynamic team. Managing change is an essential part of today’s corporate environment. This workshop, based on Ignite Success Principles, is the foundation from which an individual can build the focus, certainty and environment required to make better decisions, reduce stress and build business success. This one to three day workshop is about the development of human potential and an overall strategy for fostering a culture of excellence throughout your organization in todays high stress, fast paced work environment.

We customize each workshop based on the needs of the team and the corporation. We provide onsite workshops within your organization or off site workshops that take you away from your daily distractions. This workshop will be quoted based on your needs and the duration.

Transform Your Managers

This program is designed for managers to show them the power of getting to know the people that work for them. Through interactive exercises and some personal development work, managers learn how to use their own influence to build highly effective teams.

Ignite Your Team

This course is designed for a team of any size to learn how to build effective and high functioning team dynamics. You will learn how to view your team from a different perspective. Interactive exercises will help demonstrate how team diversity is a powerful ingredient to a high functioning team.

Empowered Workforce – Lunch and Learn Series

Self Awareness  – The first step is self awareness
Accountability – Then becoming accountable for your results
Empowerment – Feeling empowered to reach your goals

Journey to Success

This intense course is a day of self development that will help you understand what your current success blueprint is and what elements may be holding you back. We provide the interactive exercises and the tools to help you discover what success means to you and the tools to help you achieve your success.

Discover Your Roadmap

This is a personal development program designed for a corporate environment. Discover what motivates, drives and inspires you. Learn how you can connect your personal vision to the corporate vision and create a personal roadmap to where you want to take your life and your career in the next 5 years.

Body Thoughts

This is a health and weight management course designed to designed to compliment your corporations wellness program and provide people with an understanding of the role the “Mind” plays in body weight and long term weight management.

Career Coaching

We work one on one to coach your top talent.

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Corporate Testimonials

“In May 2009, Ignite Potentials offered a 1-hour keynote entitled “Thriving In Uncertain Times” to a group of Nortel employees within Ottawa. This session was coordinated by a Nortel employee grassroots engagement team (Ottawa CrossConnect Team) in an effort to help empower fellow employees during difficult times. After a couple collaborative discussions, Ignite Potentials developed a session tailored specifically for us which introduced some of their success principles. The session was instructor-led with some interactive exercises engaging the audience. Overall, the ideas, principals and suggestions provided during the session were quite relevant to our situation and was well received by those who attended. Some of the comments from employees included they felt the presentation was exactly what they needed; offering them practical advice for taking control at a time when they felt “out of control” and was a welcome event that addressed their personal fears by showcasing the power of positive thinking. Thank you to Ignite Potentials for this powerful session!”

Ottawa CrossConnect Team, Nortel Networks


“I am very thankful to Ignite Potentials Training who infused so much energy into our group.  After returning from the workshop, we each shared what we gained from the training and then shared the comments with the Management Group. It was amazingly motivating.  Everyone is unanimous that we should do more of this kind of training. I strongly recommend the corporate training offered by Ignite Potentials Training.

We will definitely keep in touch.  Thank you so much!”

Denis NRCan


“The workshop delivered by Ignite Potentials was excellent. They are dynamic speakers and communicate their message in a professional manner. I was impressed with all the information and examples that we covered in such a short time. The Ignite trainers managed to keep everyone interested, involved and motivated for the full day. We learned a great deal about ourselves and our subconscious, but we also discovered things about our colleagues. I would not hesitate to recommend Ignite Potentials Training; we are still feeling the energy weeks later.”

Huguette NRCan


“As a Consultant / Trainer in the ICT sector, I face the challenge of displacing positive energy and motivational attributes on a constant basis to individuals who have recently lost their jobs.  To many of those individuals their job was their “livelihood” and the “bread” for the family. Many individuals attach their sense of being to their employment.  It is imperative that I find the balance and energy within myself for the good of my clients. This can be very draining on many people, I found that the seminar I attended given by Ignite Potentials gave me the confidence and “power within” to harness the ability to re-energize myself, no matter what is happening in my personal life to be strong, not only for myself, but for my clients.

The manner and energy shared by the professionals from Ignite Potentials is irreplaceable if anyone is searching for ways of tapping inner strength to face today’s challenges; professionally, personally or financially!  

The depth of credibility and knowledge shown throughout their presentation is very well researched, thought out and delivered in an orderly fashion. Not only do they show the class how to help themselves, but I truly believe by their mannerisms, analogies and stories that they truly “practice what they preach”.   If anyone has the opportunities to meet these professionals from Ignite Professionals, I highly recommend it.  You can’t help but come away with something that will work in your life on all fronts.”

 — Karen Yates, Consultant


“August 2009:  I was impressed with the Ignite Potentials seminar, Thriving in Times of Challenge, hosted by Nortel’s Ottawa Cross-connect Team (a grassroots employee engagement initiative)!   This dynamic seminar was very honest, to the point, and downright practical.  The Ignite Potentials leaders have the experience and sensitivity in effectively communicating at a human level, even when folks feel vulnerable.  They drive shift to embrace positive thinking, gratitude, and fulfillment.  I’ve recommended the seminar (e.g. web play-back) to folks in my organization across North America, which was received with heartfelt appreciation; they too welcomed the success principles for taking personal charge.  As a pioneer that thrives in expanding the world’s frontiers, I thank Ignite Potentials for provoking new insights for my journey!”

— Sonia-Bot, Ottawa, Canada (LinkedIn)