At Ignite Potentials Training, we’ve worked hard to transfer four of our best courses to the webinar format in order to reach a global audience. The beauty of the webinar is that anyone, anywhere can participate from the comfort of their own homes. The webinar room that we use is the best in the industry with audio and visual elements as well as the ability to interact with the presenters.

All of the webinars are recorded for registered participants so that if at any time for what ever reason you cannot attend the live webinar you can easily tune it at your own convenience or watch it again. Our webinars are packed full of information, tools and concepts so many of our students take advantage of the recordings to take it all in.

At Ignite we have dedicated our lives and our business to providing the best training possible. We take training seriously and we each make a committment to go on several training events each year. This way we are always exposed to the latest teaching methods and cutting edge content. Because of our training commitment we know that our courses are the best there is on the market.