Thriving in Times of Challenge

FREE Webinar – 1 Hour

by Ignite Potentials Training

 Life doesn’t always happen the way we planned…..

Has the economic downturn affected you, your finances, your job or your business? Somehow even amidst this economic crisis, some people continue to thrive. Do you know why that is?

We do! Join us for a free 1 hour seminar to find out why some people thrive in any environment. Find out how you can to. There are consistencies in successful people that are predictable and tangible. We understand what they are and we teach people how to thrive while others become 100% affected by the conditions around them.

In this 1 hour FREE Webinar, you will be introduced to some of the Success Principles taught by Ignite Potentials Training and how certain consistent behavioral patterns lead to success while others lead to failure.

 Everyone has the capacity to be successful; this FREE Webinar will help you begin to take ownership of your future and plan for your next steps.

 Find out what steps you can take today:

  • Learn the Success Principle of Balance
  • Understand how certain behaviors and patterns hold you back
  • Learn to clarify your own goals and build an action plan
  • Understand that you own your life


More than ever before, having the right mindset and a plan is vital to both personal, career and business success.  This Webinar will help empower you with an understanding that you have a choice to focus on building the proper tools and mindset to succeed instead of focusing on worry or fear.  Learn what you can do now to develop an action plan that you can execute immediately.

Are you ready to make the choice today to be accountable for your life and improve your results?


Have you been waiting for someone else to determine your future?

Do you feel the stress of managing the uncertainty?

Do you worry about what your next step will be?

Are you ready to make the choice to take ownership of your personal plans for your career and your life?

 Join Ignite Potentials Training on May 20, 2009 as we discuss how living with uncertainty can be challenging but can also become the catalyst to self-evaluation and movement into action that will take you in the direction that you want your life and your career to go in.

Everybody has the capacity to be successful. EVERYONE! It’s not by luck or by chance that people succeed. Learn the principles that when mastered, will guarantee incredible results.

Success is a mindset. Learn it now and thrive!